Brewery Tour Experience


The Experience - At Dig Brew we focus on many different styles of beer. We make pale ales; IPAs; lagers; fruited goses and ales; dark beers; barrel-aged stouts and barleywines. 

With this experience guests will visit our brewery during normal taproom opening hours and a charming member of our team will take them through our production facility to show and tell all about the history of Dig Brew; our philosophy; our brewing processes; the ingredients we use; and the results of our work in way of samples of beer still in conditioning stages, in tank as well as finished products from the taproom bar.

This ticket also includes a 10” pie serving of a pizza of the guest’s choice from our in house, open kitchen pizzeria.

Other drinks and sides will also be available to purchase at any stage before, during or after the booking. Guests will be welcome to purchase any additional drinks they choose to from the bar at any time.

Guests will also receive a discount for any ‘takeaway’ can and bottle purchases made during their visit.

 Please read the following before booking.

  • Tours will be happening on SATURDAYS ONLY.
  • There will be ONE TOUR PER SATURDAY at 1pm with 10 SPOTS available - this will be FIRST COME FIRST SERVED.
  • Please email to book your place and put ‘BREWERY TOUR BOOKING' in the subject of your email. Please make sure you let us know how many spaces you want to book.
  • Vouchers are available to buy, but we have sold out of physical copies so please don't expect anything through the post! Please just email us with your booking confirmation and we'll get you booked in. 
  • We will email to confirm whether you have a place on your specified date, or offer an alternative.


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