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The Taproom


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I have good news and bad news. Let’s do good first?

It has been a long time coming and we know you are all eagerly anticipating to the point of exhaustion so you will be glad to hear that we are ready to invite people back to the inside of our taproom for beer and (!!) pizza (!!!) in the very very near future!

I know we have been keeping a lot of people waiting and the list for reservations + brewery tours is as long as my arm. Our new opening date will be September 10th. We will be getting in touch with everyone who has asked for updates to get all you keenos seated first, but walk-ins and passers by will be more than welcome (read: encouraged) from day dot.

If you would like to book we have made a email address for all things taproom. We are going to be open 5pm-12pm Fridays and 12pm-12pm Saturdays at first, so get your calendars sorted and pop us a message.

Now for the badder news. In order to prepare (mentally and physically) we will not be bringing out the lemonade stand for a couple of weeks. The team are all taking a well-earned summer break after getting us through one of the gnarliest years in Dig Brew’s life. Not only has the brewery gone from selling only half of our output to locals to selling the majority to places as far away as Japan and (the new alien territory) of the EU, but we have tripled brewing output to accommodate this growth and taken over much of what used to be our lovely warehouse beer hall.

The most astute of you will have noticed some changes to the front of the building in the past few months. The new taproom will be living in spaces never seen by customers before from September. We will have similar capacity but across three different rooms and a bit cosier than before.

These changes are all part of a grand plan to create ‘Dragonopolis’ - a fairytale escape inside, around and beyond the taproom with outdoor areas, revamped kitchens and event spaces.

We want to thank you all for your support over the past year. It's been a pleasure to fuel your lockdown and street beer needs and despite the awful times it is a dream to say we have been able to come out of it bigger and more prepared to grow than before. We hope that you will join us in drinking pints, eating pizza and having a grand old Digbeth warehouse outing this Autumn. I can’t wait to see and chat to you all you again.

Stay tuned for work in progress images and videos. In the meantime (the next 3 weekends), we will be around on Fridays until 6pm for any last minute website collection needs and can/bottle takeaways, so just pop over if you’re in need. Also - we are going to keep the @digbrewslemonadestand account active on instagram to show all the work in progress and more taproom oriented content once we are open from Sept 10th.

Oli x

Opening 10th September:-
Friday 5pm - 12pm & Saturday 12pm - 12pm