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*5 mile radius of Dig Brew Co (B5 5SA)
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Baba Yaga


Cheese and Tomato

House cheese blend, Marinara, Basil, Baby tomatoes, Basil oil

0121 773 2111 to order

Mama Moonbeam



House cheese blend, Nduja Marinara, Basil, Chilli fermented honey, Pepperoni

0121 773 2111 to order

Miner Forty-Niner


Four Cheese & Walnut

House cheese blend, Dolcelatte, Crisped kale, Pickled walnuts, Garlic fermented honey

0121 773 2111 to order

Bar Torino


Prosciutto & Pineapple

House cheese blend, Marinara, Harissa pineapple, Prosciutto, Rocket

0121 773 2111 to order

Ghost of Zen Tuo


Chef Special

Goats cheese sauce, Broad beans, Roasted garlic, Lemon zest, Gruyere cheese, Gran padano, Pesto, Watercress

0121 773 2111 to order

Stardust The Super Wizard


Vegan Goodness

Lamacun, Salad dressed in olive oil, Sumac, Garlic & lemon Juice

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