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Oh No, It's Moon Unit

Imperial IPA
330ml - 8.1% ABV
A New England style Double IPA, dry hopped with Citra & Cryo Simcoe.

Citra, Cryo Simcoe

The ‘Cryo’ Citra hops makes this New England style Double IPA a really sing. Citra packs a floral, tropical zestiness that leaves your pallet yearning for the next sip and at 8.1% abv will leave you pleasantly indulged. Oh yes, it’s Moon Unit.

‘Cryo’ refers to a technological advance in hop harvesting developed by YCH hop merchants from Yakima. During this long winded and expensive process involves freezing the hop flowers as soon after harvest as possible in order to shatter away the outer petals to leave only the centre or ‘heart’ of the hop. This is where most of the oils are concentrated so you get twice and much bang for your buck. They can be used to make more efficient recipes as well as incredibly hoppy ones too. It would be wrong to call them ‘better’ hops but it’s an exiting tool for any brewer to have in their arsenal.


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Contains: Gluten, wheat