Fruit Of The Bloom

Sour Ale & Hard Seltzer
12 Cans

£40.00 £46.00

Prepare your taste buds for this flavour-packed fruited bundle—a fantastic blend of flavours.

With the Hard Seltzers being a new project for Digbrew, we would like to share this bundle with you, showcasing the range of flavours our brewers can create.

4 x Pulse Of The Maggot - 4.5% - A collaborative Hard Seltzer made to celebrate Knotfest's Pulse Fest 2022.

4 x Cucamonga - 5% - Grapefruit and Mandarin combine to make this the most refreshing drink you will sip on all summer. Using fermentation and 'fruiting' processes that we have been honing for years.

4 x Operation Burn The Sun - 5% - Juicy Mango and Lime juice combine to make a super strong and wildly refreshing sour ale. No Lactose has been used in its production, so it is perfect for our vegan siblings.

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