Selection of the freshest releases (Large)

Lager, Pale Ales, DIPA, Stout, Sour
12 x 440ml

£50.00 £58.70

Selection of the freshest releases (Large).

Get this box, split in half - one for you and then give the other half away to a friend as a present and tell them you just wanted to have a shared experience with a nother human being for the first time in a while. Na just kidding keep them all to yourself and drink between episodes of Ozark. Also a great Christmas present if you're into buying early!

  • 2 x Cancun: Dry hopped 4.6% - best Mexican lager coming out of the West Midlands dry hopped with a touch more Motueka hops than would be financially sensible.
  • 2 x Reality Tour 5% - single hopped pale ale (Olicana) get those UK grown tropical fruit hype hits with this new bad boy - great reviews in the taproom, hazy, simple, easy peasy.
  • 2 x The Floating World 6% - A single-hopped beer made with US hop Triumph. A unique hop that can be used in many ways. Triumph has only been on the scene for a few years and this is the first time we have used it as a hop on its own. As well as a strong, piney background this hop can bring notes from orange and lime through to bubblegum and peaches.
  • 2 x Rancho 7.5% - Collaboration with Play Brew Co. - DIPAs are back and they are 7.5% now. Seriously good, ‘juice bomb’ DIPA. Almost makes you nostalgic for the world where this is all we drank for two years before the Covid apocalypse. All of the juices, all of the fruits, thick oat + wheat smoothie.
  • 2 x 23-19 5.0% - brewed simply because we got bored of being asked to bring it back every 5 minutes by every customer that has ever brought one. Raspberries x a million, vanilla and pink Himalayan salt. Sour juice for adults basically.
  • 2 x Milk Plus 6.5% Milk Stout - if you could drink brand new leather seats it would probably taste awful. This on the other hand is rich coffee and dark chocolate all the way down and will warm you up on those (WAY TOO HOT FOR NOVEMBER WE HAVE COOKED THE PLANET) autumn nights by the… TV.
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